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Augmented Reality Two


    In my opinion, no work of art is complete without an artist statement or explanation!

Here lies my New Media course final project for the Spring Semester. It is entirely dedicated to the COVID-19 pandemic and features topic posters, an individual website, a mural, and augmented reality!

    Originally, I wanted to create augmented reality through the Unity and Vuforia programs, however, since I have a Windows laptop and an Apple iPhone, it was not possible. Through research, I've found Adobe Aero, which while temperamental and glitchy, still provided a successful augmentation of my  mural. I also wanted to feature butterflies flying around, but after hours of messing with Creative Cloud, Adobe Aero, Adobe Stock, and Substance, I could not figure out how to incorporate 3D images that were not starter assets. 

    Upon review, I realize there is one semi-flaw with my project, in that it looks the best and more professional on laptop or computer platforms, rather than mobile smartphones. The text and graphics look much bigger on computers. The buttons on top of the posters that ask the questions covered on the posters are scrunched in mobile form, but are fully visible on laptops and computers. 

    The website that I have created, linked below, features every poster, which a background of New York City skyscrapers because New York is suffering the most out of all of here in the United States. Each poster has its own page, and I have also created an About page for the circumstances of this project and a Creator page about myself.   

    Overall, I am extremely proud of the work I have created. I have successfully problem solved and produced an AR application on my own, with no assistance from professors or classmates. I have this mural in my bedroom to remind myself of this troubling time, and that I will survive this tragic event, no matter how difficult. I will always see sunshine for the rest of my time in this room.

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